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only $269.00
Wazinator Acoustic Stompboxes, Electro Acoustic Percussion
Wazinator KSB319 is the
second generation
Wazinator, replacing the
successful  KSB219.

Improvements include a
foam backing for extra
stability, a deeper more
consistent bass tone,
lower profile (now
22mm), lighter to carry
(now 1.3kg) and new look.
The sweet spot is in the
centre of the timber, right
under the ball of your foot.
Works well with your heal
or toe. Can fit 2 feet at a

The timber pad has a
hollow chamber. By
stomping on the timber
this compresses air
which in turn move the
diaphram of the pickup.
The tonal sound of the
timber is also translated
into the output of the
pickup. This makes a low
and pleasing tone with
harmonics similar to an
acoustic bass drum.
Wazinator KSB319 acoustic stompbox is perfect for
solo guitarists and others looking for a deep bass
acoustic stomp box.

This is an enjoyable instrument to play and the quality
of sound is why so many professional and semi
professional musicians are using the Wazinator.

A large and stable timber playing surface suits playing
with heel or toe.
only $269.00
The KSB319 is
resistant to feedback
and has no
interference or buzzing
problems on large

The Wazinator can be
played sitting or
standing and it
produces a naturally
bass rich tone that
translates to a full and
pleasing acoustic
bottom end.

This is the perfect
accompaniment to
acoustic guitars or a
bottom end for any
percussion set up.
Wazinator KSB319 white background
NEWS  - Recent Hilarious news - NZ's
Flight of the Conchords just purchased
a Wazinator.

Owen Campbell is using the Wazinator
acoustic stompbox KSB319 in his
controversial performance on
Australia's Got Talent. Jack Johnson
recently purchased a Wazinator.  Also
check out Juzzie Smith playing the
Wazinator stompbox in the video
recording of The Keys. Lloyd Spiegel
videos are fantastic as are the
Rebecca Ireland and Mark Heazlett