$59.00 AUD $89.00 AUD
  • GET A GREAT DEAL BY BUYING BEFORE THE ZOMBIES ARE READY TO SHIP - these pre sale units will ship in March 2018
  • Create an incredible deep Kick Drum and Toms sound during recordings or playing live

  • Convenient way to amplify your Kick and Toms at gigs

  • Worlds first direct source pickup system for drums

  • No extra gear required, just your drums, cables and PA

  • Rapid installation without altering your kit, (allow 2 min)

  • Create a massive bottom end kick sound from a less-than-perfect kick drum

  • Add effects, EQ and compression to individual drums with near perfect audio isolation

  • Pure analog tone - no samples and no batteries

The Wazinator Zombie DZ17 is the world’s first Direct Source Pickup system for drums. This is a game changer - finally you can connect your acoustic drums directly to your PA, just like acoustic guitarists have been doing since the early 1970’s. The Wazinator Zombie is a direct source pickup so it amplifies the sound of your acoustic drums without triggers, without samples and without microphones.

Simply adhere the DZ17 directly to your drum head with the provided sticky backing. Then using a standard 1/4 inch (6.35mm) guitar lead, connect your mixing desk or powered speakers. Super convenient for live performances and totally satisfying for recording punchy drums with plenty of bottom end.

The Wazinator Zombie DZ17 will translate the low and mid range frequencies of your drums. This makes it ideal for your kick drum and toms. Use a microphone in conjunction with the DZ17 to capture the high frequency of cymbals and snare sizzle.