tiny footprint massive tone!

Baby Grand

light weight - Heavy hitter


Wazinator Dropkick

go all night

Wazinator Classic KSB319

It's Your Gig

Make An Impact

PRODUCTS - Stomps, T's and Zombies

WAZINATOR - Stomp Something HUGE


ZOMBIE DRUM PICKUP - DI for your Drums


Super nice shout out from Lennie Edgerton.

"Some of my most enjoyable gigs have been , Acoustic solo sessions. 
Me, my Maton 808, and the Wazinator Stompbox KSB319. 
The Wazinator has never failed me and sounds AMAZING all the time.
If you're after a stomp box that is indestructible and sounds Phenomenal, just buy one, you won't be disappointed.
Thanx for a great product Wazza !!
Take Care
Lennie Edgerton - Singer Songwriter"

Jeff Martin steering the ship with Classic Wazinator

Watch the video
Watch the video