Artists currently using a Wazinator stompbox include -

Lennon and Maisy (Nashville TV show), Joe Bonamassa, Walk Off the Earth, Jack Johnson, Jeff Martin (Tea Party), Hope Medford (Medicine for the People),  Keith Urban Band, Backsliders, Saritah, Flight of the Conchords, Jeff Lang, Fiona Boyes, Jordan Miller, Jack Carty, Tami Neilson, Juzzie Smith, 8 Ball Aitken,  Lloyd Spiegel, Greg Sheehan, Chris Mathew and 1000s of others.

TESTIMONIAL by Phil McKnight, after 10 years of gigging with Wazinator KSB219, the original Classic, now superseded by the KSB319

"After a misspent youth and young adulthood playing guitar in various rock outfits, I began developing my solo show here in Australia and Scotland. I was determined to avoid the drum machine and backing track disease that was permeating the ‘live’ music scene from the early eighties. I always had in the back of my mind, the notion that with the right gear, a solo rock show could go close to matching the sound dynamics of a band."
"I developed a powerful high quality PA with gut thumping sub that complemented my percussive rhythm style. However, something was still missing. Then 9 years ago whilst researching stomp boxes, I came across a strange looking device called a ‘Wazinator.’ When I spotted one in a local drum shop, I took a punt, parted with the dough and my show has never been the same."
"At first I used the Wazinator for 2 tunes in a 3 hour show, now it is behind everything I play and it is as integral to my show as my custom guitar. This is one of the features that really appealed to me about the Waz. It is a beautifully crafted true musical instrument and its versatility is only limited by the skills of the musician who uses it. "
"Compared with other usually smaller stomp boxes, Wazinator has that true woody ‘thump’ that really suits the rock and blues which underpins my show. I enjoy the simplicity of set up straight into a mixer channel with no preamp, and also the range of percussive sounds that can be gleaned using the large stomping surface area. I can go hard on it or be subtle yet the quality of the bass drum sound remains outstanding at all volume levels."
"My advice to potential users would be to ensure that they have a quality sub woofer, preferably powered. The Dynacord Power Sub (am I allowed to say that?) is a real beaut with an outstanding crossover that really lets the Waz achieve its potential, not to mention the 2 top guitar strings."
"Apart from the sound, Waz is really a beautiful piece of timber craftsmanship and punters and musicians alike often admire it. When I first used it, one of my muso mates commented that it was a ‘fine piece of stage furniture.’ When he heard it he took it more seriously."